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By Limecraft
Save hours of manual work using automatic audio transcription
Upload one or more audio or video files using drag-and-drop. If you have any existing transcripts, you can send them across for alignment. Limecraft Transcriber uses different speech-to-text engines, allowing you to balance speed…
By Digital Nirvana
Captioning and subtitling services with the Power of AI
Digital Nirvana’s Trance is an easy-to-use, web-based application for generating closed captions, transcripts, and translations for content localization. Trance is a cloud-based, enterprise-level SaaS platform, accessible from any web-enabled computer to auto-generate transcripts, create…
By TVU Networks
Real-time speech-to-text transcribing service
The real-time speech-to-text transcribing service. Use highly accurate open or closed captioning that flexibly meets all your needs. A smart, affordable, flexible way to provide captioning. TVU’s pay-per-use pricing model guarantees that you pay…
By Telestream
Create highly accurate captions and subtitles with machine learning based speech to text technology
Timed Text Speech uses the latest Machine Learning (ML) based technology to accurately transcribe human speech (extracted from a video) into time stamped text. The transcript can then be edited and formatted for a…