Remote Guest

Remote guest solutions enable broadcasters or media companies to transmit and ingest high quality guest contributions from remote locations, for example when hosting interviews, discussions or debates. This means the interviewee or guest contributor does not need to be in the studio, instead they can be located anywhere in the world. More advanced remote guest platforms allow hosting of multiple guests and can switch and mix the different video and audio feeds to create a seamless production. If you’re interested in guest audio feeds, our remote commentary solutions may be suitable for your needs.

By Grabyo
Simple, accessible and ultra-low latency contribution
Add remote guests to your live broadcasts. Host up to 12 guests from anywhere in the world in a single room. Add multiple guest rooms…
By Gnural
The professional solution for adding remote guests to your video productions
Whether it’s the insights of an expert, the perspectives of a pundit, or live reporting from the field, bringing in remote talent can add real…
By Aviwest
Enrich your program with a live interview
Integrated to your live production system, LiveGuest allows you to enrich your content and conduct a live interview with remote guests. AVIWEST LiveGuest empowers professional…
By Quicklink
Video and audio contributions from any desktop or mobile device
Introduce an unlimited number of remote guests for interviews, discussions and other events using the world’s most powerful remote contribution management platform! Professionally introduce the…
By Easylive
Cloud-based live video production solution for simple & advanced workflows
All-in-one live streaming production studio fully cloud-based Engage your fans around the world, grow your community & build audience loyalty! Live video production cost-efficient with…