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A remote commentary solution allows commentators or broadcasters to narrate a sports game from any location in the world, using just an internet connection and a connected device. The commentator is able to watch the game live via a monitor and comment in near real time using a SaaS platform, all from the comfort of their home, hotel or remote studio. As sports broadcasters do not have to physically be at the event, this saves on travel and logistical costs and also allows commentators to perform multiple jobs in one day. If you need to add guest video contribution to your production, then try our remote guest solutions.

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By Kiswe
Cloud-based remote commentary solution
Kiswe Studio is used by the biggest sports broadcasters such as the NBA, ESPN and many others to scale broadcasts with remote commentary. A simple, remote-first interface empowers users to add assets to productions,…
Allows production teams to add real-time commentary from any location
The Quicklink Remote Commentary Solution allows production teams to add real-time commentary from any location with an internet connection. The remote commentator/caster views the live event in a webpage and their commentary is added…
By Spalk
Grow your live broadcast audience with Spalk
Our Virtual Commentary Studio makes it easy and scalable to produce remote commentary customized to unique & local audiences. Sport is a universal language, but commentary isn’t. Our Virtual Studio makes it cost-effective and…
By TVU Networks
The future of commentary is in the cloud
Professional, high-quality sports and event commentary can be delivered — literally from anywhere — with TVU Remote Commentator. Your on-air talent can call the action from their homes, hotel rooms, offices – wherever there’s…
By Grabyo
Simple, accessible and ultra-low latency contribution
Add remote guests to your live broadcasts. Host up to 12 guests from anywhere in the world in a single room. Add multiple guest rooms to your live broadcast. Share a URL link to…