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Browse media asset management software for broadcast. Media asset management (MAM) solutions allow broadcasters and media companies to store and manage media repositories within the cloud, locally or on prem. Remote MAM systems bring a number of advantages and allow teams to work collaboratively across time zones, more advanced platforms utilize AI and automated processes. This section is dedicated specifically to storing and archiving media, we also have a category for cloud video editing.

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By Prime Focus Technologies
A revolutionary MAM with embedded Work Order to power automation
With work order automation to manage tasks, resources, assets and workflow orchestration efficiently across the supply chain, CLEAR Cloud MAM offers much more than a traditional MAM. It is a single cloud-native MAM with media…
By Aframe
A central location where everyone can instantly view, access and work with high resolution video
Aframe’s cloud platform provides a secure central location for organizing and managing assets in different formats and different stages of the lifecycle. Unlike other solutions, Aframe enables users to instantly access, view and collaborate…
By Iconik
Cloud-native solution that gathers and organizes media securely from any storage
Iconik is a cloud-native solution that gathers and organizes media securely from any storage. You also get hassle-free media collaboration and powerful automation features. Iconik is easy to use from any device. Collaborate on…
By Vidispine
Easy access to your content with MediaPortal
Built on more than two decades of experience in providing media management solutions to major media companies and video specialists, our media management applications are scalable, open to third party systems, modular in approach…
By Dalet
The market-leading media workflow solution
Dalet Flex is a content supply chain software solution that streamlines video production and distribution. With asset and metadata management plus workflow orchestration in a single platform, it eliminates inefficiencies in your media operations,…
By PlayBox Technology
PlayBox Technology’s MAM makes your content accessible and instantly deliverable
PlayBox Technology’s Media Asset Management solution (MAM) is at the centre of the broadcast infrastructure. Our MAM allows coordinated access to a broadcaster’s most valuable asset: content. PlayBox Technology’s MAM makes your content accessible…
By Limecraft
The workspace for video teams
A single virtual workspace to access all your media and to integrate existing tools. Connect to all types of Storage. Ingest any file format from any place. Manage your media through collections, tags and…
By Vizrt
The definitive manager for production workflows
Viz One is a centralized and scalable platform to ingest, manage, edit, and deliver content effortlessly and cost-effectively. As a software defined platform, Viz One includes a comprehensive feature set that easily connects with…
By Tiger Technology
Media Asset Management for remote collaborative workflows​
Spaces|MAM is part of the Tiger Spaces software suite and provides an advanced tool to handle ingest, metadata, logging, search, viewing, editing and transcoding of media assets from a Tiger Spaces managed virtual workspace….
Ingest, manage and distribute your digital content
‍Mediabank is an award-winning cloud-based toolbox with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to access your media from anywhere, anytime. You can search, process and distribute anything from your entire media library…
By Avid
The industry’s most comprehensive media workflow platform
MediaCentral provides a unified media production platform that enables collaboration from anywhere, accelerating content production turnaround. From media ingest, search, and logging to editing, playout, and publishing, it streamlines your entire production workflow, enabling…
A complete MAM system to power up your media
VSNExplorer MAM is a state-of-the-art content and media management system. Web, scalable, open and flexible, it is an indispensable solution for any company that works daily with multimedia content and that needs to catalog,…
By Grass Valley
Next-generation Asset Management — Native to GV AMPP Platform
As the demand for new content continues to increase, media organizations must find strategies to improve the efficiency of content production from creation to distribution. By improving the efficiency of the content creation process,…
By LucidLink
Store, share, edit & collaborate from anywhere
LucidLink Filespaces cloud-native NAS solution is ideal for organizations that would like to take advantage of cloud storage economics and utilize it for applications, file systems, and high-performance workloads. Built-in software, running on the…
Connect an entire network on the same place
Our media asset management solution adds power to any production operation by keeping track of all available media across the network and making sure it reaches the intended destination. The software automatically identifies new…
By BitCentral
Collaborative media asset management software designed for news production and archiving
Our field-centric media asset management software lets your team instantaneously deliver video, images, scripts, and other metadata remotely. Items are immediately attached and available for playout or digital distribution. Oasis is a collaborative media…
By Codemill
Hybrid-cloud, media asset management system that supports efficient, remote production workflows
Cantemo is a hybrid-cloud, media asset management system that supports efficient, remote production workflows. It allows users to effectively self-manage and monetise large media archives, using metadata-driven workflows and customisable infrastructure. Using Cantemo as…
By Sony
Your digital media workflows — now in the cloud
Whether you’re a broadcaster, production company or content owner, Ci seamlessly connects your teams and streamlines your workflow. From camera to cloud to post-production, collaboration, and review, or catalog management and archive, Ci is…
AI-powered asset management and monetisation solution.
AI DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT: Generate more revenue from your content with Veritone Digital Media Hub, an AI-powered asset management and monetisation solution. Digital Media Hub helps you easily tag and manage your assets as…

What is Media Asset Management Software?

Video production or broadcast generally involves dealing with a large amount of files (such as video, audio or images), these files ideally need to be stored somewhere in an organised manner so that everything is cataloged correctly, think of it as a online digital library. This not only allows users to search, retrieve, and distribute digital assets efficiently, MAM software will also often includes features such as metadata management, version control, and collaboration tools too.

MAM systems have become more important than ever with the increased prevalence of remote working, teams can now access and collaborate on files wherever they are in the world. For example a camera operator can be filming in the UK, upload their files to a MAM system via the cloud and then have their video edited by a team in the US, all within ‘real-time’ (i.e. near zero latency).

As such, media asset management solutions are becoming much more than just a place to store files, with the adoption of cloud and AI they are helping to revolutionize how content is produced.

Media Asset Management vs Digital Asset Management

In short, media asset management software typically involves handling media files, such as video, audio, and images, whereas a DAM or digital asset management system is more focused on document handling or smaller media files, such as social media content. 

An example of a digital asset management system would be something like Google Drive, which allows you to share text docs, PDFs, PowerPoints or limited video and audio files. These types of systems are great for corporate businesses or smaller production companies, but if working with a large amount of video or audio files you might want to think about transitioning to a MAM solution.