Elevates the value of primary linear content to create new channels for various digital platform
LTN® Lift is a playout solution that provides news- and sports-producing channels automated versioning capabilities to reach cross-platform audiences more easily. Lift elevates the value of primary linear content to create new channels for…
Playout, Channel Management, Automated Versioning, Cross-Platform Audiences
Combine live and archived content into a linear channel experience
Welcome to the future of program management, with the only solution that integrates live segments with a scheduled program. LTN® Schedule is the only solution on the market that integrates live segments into a…
Playout, Linear Playout, Program Management, Live meets VOD
Scalable live video acquisition, routing, and distribution
Invite internal and audience contributors to send live streams from any location with any source: professional cameras, encoders, mobiles, drones, and online sources. Our globally spread ingest network ensures reliable content acquisition. Curate acquired…
Ingest, Remote Contribution
By Planetcast
Plan, stream and monitor your media content
Planetcast, a renowned Media Technology Services provider in India and South Asia, offers advanced Cloud Playout services through its versatile product, CLOUD.X which can handle current and future needs of media broadcasters and content…
Playout, Linear Playout, Channel Management
By BitCentral
True cloud linear channel platform
Veset Nimbus is cloud-based playout software used for professional linear TV channel playout. Nimbus plays live and pre-recorded video, audio, graphics and captioning. Launch new channels, migrate existing channels, start an event-driven pop-up channel,…
Playout, Linear Playout, Channel Management, Scheduling, Ingest