Cloud Video Transcoding

Cloud video transcoding takes already an compressed (or encoded) media file, decompresses it, alters it in some way (i.e. you might want to change the codec from MPEG2 to H.264 video) and then re-encodes it. Transcoding might also be used to add graphics, change sizes, or to create different versions of the same final video. Transcoding is often resource intensive, so the cloud offers a great option to do all the heavy lifting.

By Dalet
Trusted media conversion, wherever you need it
Media processing platform for video/image, audio and subtitle/caption processing. Dalet AmberFin is a transcoder and workflow engine packaged for use where you need media conversions,…
By Qencode
Powerful cloud video transcoding
Our efficient online media encoding technology provides speed and flexibility for a low, and easy to understand price. Our Per-Title Encoding technology analyzes your video…
By Haivision
The most powerful transcoder for mission critical video
‚ÄčKraken is a video transcoder for ISR, situational awareness, and field monitoring applications that optimizes video networks by transcoding full motion video(FMV) using the latest…
By Telestream
Produce high quality content for a variety of applications with fast and cost effective transcoding
Highest quality video for web, multiscreen or broadcast SaaS platform with the best video encoding quality for variety of formats – from mobile to broadcast….
By Transform is a pay per content minute conform and transcode service Transform is an easy to use transcoding service with a straightforward pricing model. Allowing you to produce broadcast quality media every time from a…