Cloud Playout Solutions

Playout refers to combining multiple media assets together, such as live and pre-recorded footage, graphics and subtitles. This is then distributed across OTT, linear channels or social media. In conventional broadcast systems this is achieved via various hardware components, each with a particular role in the production chain, but now many vendors offer cloud solutions which visualize this process. Cloud playout allows broadcasters to effectively run and access a channel from anywhere in the world.

By Coralbay
New generation of playout software
coralPlay is a new generation of playout software that has been designed from the outset to work in the cloud but that can also be…
By Evrideo
Cloud-based broadcast platform that replaces the on-premise traditional solution
Evrideo offers an end-to-end, SaaS broadcast platform that replaces the traditional control room. Using Evrideo, you can create, manage and deliver TV channels (OTT, cable,…
By Veset
Enterprise cloud playout for advanced channel management
Cloud Playout platform for advanced linear TV channel management. A range of all-in-one channel creation tools from live stream and file ingest, scheduling, EPG, content…
By Qibb
Easily deliver content – multiformat and multiplatform
Create a full-featured cloud-based channel playout and automation to launch and manage numerous pop-up channels in record time. It is also designed for easy multiformat…
By Freedocast
Freedocast offers you cost-effective Cloud based
Create Professional Channels with your content for distribution. Full Control & Monitoring over the web. Combine Live events with recorded content to provide seamless experience….
By PlayBox Technology
The Next-Generation Cloud Playout for IP & MPEG compliant transport
As an expert in integrated MPEG compliant transport streams/IP workflows, PlayBox Technology is working closely with industry pioneers to develop and deliver the tools that…
By Planetcast
Plan, stream and monitor your media content
Planetcast, a renowned Media Technology Services provider in India and South Asia, offers advanced Cloud Playout services through its versatile product, CLOUD.X which can handle…
By Imagine Communications
Software-based solutions to operate a single playout environment
The days of a single over-the-air channel are long behind us. Media companies are under constant pressure to spin up new channels for multiple platforms…
By amagi
Award-winning broadcast-grade cloud playout platform for TV and OTT
Run your linear channels from anywhere through a simple web browser. Amagi CLOUDPORT is an award-winning cloud-based channel playout platform. It offers broadcast-grade quality with…
By Grass Valley
Flexible, scalable, cloud-first playout Solution
The proliferation of channels and platforms together with competition from social media makes differentiating your brand more challenging than ever. To be successful, commercial opportunities…
By Playbox Neo
Turnkey playout server solution for broadcasting a single or multi TV channel
World’s best-selling Playout and Channel branding product suite. Powerful, flexible and cost effective, PlayBox Neo has integrated solutions for playout, graphics, news, automation, asset management…
By SGT Group
Channel in a box – TV Playout
ELIA is the very latest generation of Channel in a Box, a cost effective TV playout solution offering playout automation, ingest, branding and media asset…
By BitCentral
True cloud linear channel platform
Veset Nimbus is cloud-based playout software used for professional linear TV channel playout. Nimbus plays live and pre-recorded video, audio, graphics and captioning. Launch new…