Viz Vectar Plus

By Vizrt


Viz Vectar Plus is the first and only major live production solution to be offered either as a software download to install locally on-a standard computer system that meets the necessary performance requirements on-premise, or as a virtualized package that runs in private or public Cloud environments that support GPU processing.

Remote Operation
Viz Vectar Plus goes beyond typical input sources including support for video conferencing call applications, web browsers, and various streaming protocols.

Multi-Program Output
Viz Vectar Plus includes unique program re-entry functionality making it simple to output multiple versions of the same program with differences in graphics presentations, aspect ratios, and resolutions.

Conference Call & Streaming Inputs
Viz Vectar Plus offers agile control options with software and hardware control panels operating across various networks.

Audio Connect
Viz Vectar Plus extends audio workflows though an NDI plug-in that interconnects with audio mixing and processing applications that can be entirely virtualized and interoperates with Dante/AES 67 formats.



Live Video Production, Cloud Switcher, Vision Mixing