By RaySync


Raysync Large File transfer is a software-based file transfer solution for accelerating transfer process and improving the work efficiency of enterprises.


Automatically utilize and optimize the network bandwidth, transfer large files, and the vast numbers of small files over long distances at the maximum speed while ensuring timely delivery.

Bank-standard Encryption

Bank-standard AES-256 encryption and SSL encryption technology for secure files transfer.

Stability and Reliability

Adopt checkpoint resume, error re-transfer, intelligent synchronization, and other mechanisms to ensure the reliability and stability of file transfer.

Multimode Transfer

Support point-to-point, multi-point mutual transmission, one-to-many file distribution and other modes.

Managed File Transfer

By adopting file access fine-grained rights and right sharing, files transfer, and storage of files can be effectively managed to ensure the security of sensitive information.

Easy to Integrate

Support the mainstream operating systems and cloud platform operating systems, such as Unix, Linux, Windows, and Google Cloud, AWS S3, Azure, etc.



High speed file transfers, File Transmission