Qibb Playout

By Qibb


Create a full-featured cloud-based channel playout and automation to launch and manage numerous pop-up channels in record time. It is also designed for easy multiformat and multiplatform content delivery to destinations such as social media, broadcast, IPTV, and OTT platforms.

  • Distribute content instantly and location-independently with an easy-to-operate channel playout automation.
  • Enable easy playout streams with full broadcast functionalities including customized graphics, SCTE-35 ad-insertion, loudness control, and subtitling.
  • Run any number of simultaneous output streams. Cover bigger events or weekly productions with a fully scalable solution – both up and down.
  • Use the system as a cost-effective pre-configured stand-by playout and flexibly spin-up in case of an outage of your main system.



Playout, Channel Management, Distribution