Live Producer X

By Grass Valley


GV AMPP offers a new user experience in creating live video programs with the introduction of Live Producer X. Live Producer X is aimed at giving production teams many of the same high-end creative features they can get with a traditional production switcher, but with a much simpler operational paradigm.

Like a traditional production switcher, Live Producer X can create a show with multiple layers of graphics, text, pre-recorded clips and live video sources. Live Producer X supports picture-in-picture with 2D resizing and positioning, as well as image crop, opacity and border controls. Complex, multibox sequences can be created with ease. A large range of built-in wipes and transitions can be combined with custom transitions that incorporate video, or graphics to create to create a uniquely branded look.

Unlike a traditional production switcher’s method of building shows utilizing M/E layering and E-MEMs or macros, Live Producer X sets a new paradigm, but one already understood by both experienced TDs and pure creatives. It enables an organization to put the power of storytelling into the hands of producers and other creatives without requiring formal technical switcher training.

Users of Live Producer X can organize a show into a set of layouts, scenes and shots that enable storytelling that is easily and consistently repeatable. Creatives can quickly configure looks in advance that match the expected run of show.

Live Producer X further simplifies user interaction with an operations hierarchy. Elements or actions that are applied at one level also apply to all the levels below it. For example, a graphic added as a video bug at the scene level is applied to all the lower level shots.



Live Video Production, Cloud Switcher, Vision Mixing, Production Platform