GV Playout X

By Grass Valley


The proliferation of channels and platforms together with competition from social media makes differentiating your brand more challenging than ever. To be successful, commercial opportunities need to be maximized and playout needs to provide flexible support in terms of reach and deploying services in new markets. And all of this needs to be achieved while maintaining quality, reliability and minimizing infrastructure and operational overhead.

Introducing GV Playout X. Based on the ground-breaking GV AMPP Platform, GV Playout X is the first playout solution built on elastic compute technology, empowering users with unprecedented flexibility to spin up or spin down channels as and when needed – only paying for the services they use.

Fully elastic playout provides the ultimate agility to create new TV channels and playout streams in a matter of minutes, without building any specific infrastructure and with a configuration that suits your exact needs. And because GV Playout X was built as a cloud-first solution, it makes an optimal use of resources which ultimately guarantees the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.



Playout, Channel Management, Scheduling