By amagi


Amagi CLOUDPORT allows you to manage and deliver rich content on automated playout channels. It leverages the latest cloud technology to bring you extensive functionality and reliability, so you can increase revenue while reducing costs.
Manage and play out broadcast or OTT channels over IP, satellite, and FAST OTT platforms. Send different content and ads based on distribution needs.

With Amagi CLOUDPORT you get seamless media ingest, content management, scheduling, playout, caption support, advanced graphics insertion, ad placement and monitoring – all easily accessed remotely through a web-based user interface.

We reduce complexity so you improve workflow efficiency.

And because we’re constantly improving our solutions, we can deliver superior performance with low latency, high-quality HD/UHD video, and the right level of redundancy to ensure your viewers always enjoy the best experiences.

Together with the Amagi LIVE option for live channels and event segments, Amagi CLOUDPORT is the most versatile media channel platform available today.



Playout, Linear Playout, VOD Playout