Brightcove Beacon

By Brightcove


From free trial to loyal fan, Brightcove Beacon helps you grow and retain global audiences with flexible layouts, monetization options, and unmatched reliability — all in one industry-leading solution.

Outages and playback errors are unacceptable. With 16 global data centers handling 875 million views a week with 99.95% uptime, you can count on Brightcove Beacon to deliver every laugh, goal, song, or tear to your audience without ever missing a beat. (Or a dollar.)

Grow audiences with coupons and trial offers. Then empower your audience to choose how they pay. Beacon offers flexible subscription, ad-supported, and transactional pay models to maximize your revenue.

Maximize your reach, effortlessly. With Brightcove Beacon, you can deliver a single piece of content as a live or on-demand asset to 11 platforms and devices across 175 countries, while ensuring viewers are able to use their preferred payment method and their local currency.