Zixi Now Available Through Microsoft Azure

Zixi has teamed up with Microsoft Azure to provide its technology for media and entertainment companies to securely and reliably distribute video content over IP using Azure, the company announced in a press release.

Zixi Broadcasters will be deployed on Azure using ZEN Master, a control plane that enables users to manage large-scale configurations to orchestrate, analyze, monitor, alert and report on live video streams and devices across the Zixi Enabled Network. With this, users can connect their Azure account to ZEN Master and configure Zixi streams with Zixi Broadcasters. Integration with Azure Blob storage allows for conversion and delivery of streams to Content Delivery Networks for playout.

With this integration, Azure customers are able to use Zixi’s method of configuring IP networks for video transport in real time, Zixi says.

The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform accepts 17 industry protocols and containers, including Zixi, NDI, RIST, SRT, TCP, BBR, Multipath TCP and WebRTC. Zixi tech also uses congestion-aware and network-adaptive forward error correction, error recovery, bonding of multiple IP transmission paths and dynamic feedback to control encoder rate.

Azure customers who use Zixi to deliver streams of live events can utilize Zixi’s Nvidia-based GPU transcoding to deliver video to any device in the world in a variety of formats. On Azure, Zixi Broadcaster takes in the live video stream and transcodes it to HEVC/H.265 and H.264. OTT, social media or esports content can be repackaged into HLS, DASH and RTMP, backhaul into Zixi protocol and output using MPEG-TS, RTP and UDP for reintegration into broadcast systems.

“Partnering with Microsoft gives our customers deploying on Azure dramatically increased deployment, flexibility and global reach,” said John Wastcoat, senior vice president, Alliances and Marketing, at Zixi.

For more information, visit www.zixi.com.

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