YouTube defends choice to leave up videos with false election claims

YouTube is pushing back against claims its platform is helping promote and spread misinformation surrounding the 2020 US election, saying its most popular videos related to the election are from “authoritative” sources. YouTube also claims it takes measures to stop the spread of videos containing false or misleading claims by not surfacing them in search results or through its recommendation engine.

“Like other companies, we’re allowing these videos because discussion of election results & the process of counting votes is allowed on YT. These videos are not being surfaced or recommended in any prominent way,” YouTube wrote from its YouTubeInsider account in response to a tweet from Bloomberg journalist Mark Bergen, who criticized the company’s slow and inconsistent moderation of election content. “The most popular videos about the election are from authoritative news organizations. On average, 88 percent of the videos in top-10 results in the U.S. come from high-auth sources when people search for election-related content.”

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