TVU Launches MediaSource Hub for Raw News Feeds

Image credit: TVU Networks

TVU Networks has launched a new service called “TVU MediaSource,” a cloud-based platform that uses TVU’s AI technology to allow users to locate and download raw news feeds in seconds. 

With TVU MediaSource, users can view original, live feeds from a specific location. Video clips are searchable by keyword and/or name. Users can download any clips they like to create their own news stories, with credit to those who created the content.

Within MediaSource is TVU Search—an AI-based tool that uses speech, text and facial recognition to locate the precise video needed—down to the very frame—in seconds rather than spending hours manually searching the feeds.

Feeds from MediaSource can be purchased on a subscription or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

According to TVU CEO Paul Shen, TVU MediaSource brings together the content creator and the TV producer.

“We’ve seen a lot of interest, especially from some of the local and small news organizations,” Shen said “All of a sudden they can get the footage and effectively create a story associated with the interest of their viewers. And it just cost them $33 per clip.”

MediaSource allows TV stations and other news producers to upload their feeds, providing an additional source of revenue, Shen said. “TV stations create a lot of raw material, but it’s not fully utilized; they usually only create the raw material for one story,” he said. “But people can easily create a part of the story, or, you know, have a different angle with the raw material. This is not about a finished program, but instead is about raw material for other people to produce the content.”

Advances in AI, facial and voice recognition, etc. in accessing any content anywhere is part of what has allowed TVU to offer this service. “Anything that’s put on-air is discoverable,” Shen added

One TVU MediaSource provider, FedNet, a provider of multimedia content to the U.S. Congress, has cameras inside and outside the Capitol building. During the Jan. 6 riots, FedNet used MediaSource to provide live news rawed unedited news feeds—and later, the counting of electoral college votes that night.

Additionally, Georgia Public Broadcasting’s feed of Georgia voters going to the polls Jan. 5, was used for some broadcasters’ coverage of the Georgia runoff election. This week’s U.S. Presidential Inauguration and the U.S. State of the Union will also be available as live feeds on TVU MediaSource.

TVU MediaSource is within a new umbrella of services from TVU called “MediaServices” that includes global rentals and the hiring of camera crews.

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