Trickbox TV stream doctors discussion as they launch a Virtual Events service amid pandemic

Trickbox TV launched their new Virtual Events service by streaming discussion of COVID-19 with medical conferencing provider, Reachora.

On the development of their new Virtual Events, Trickbox TV reached out to Reachora Ltd, who were keen to ensure the quality of their live stream. Reachora supports the teaching of recent medical research by broadcasting lectures and presentations alongside video straight from hospitals.

The medical profession relies on shared knowledge to plan effective responses to threats so in light of the recent pandemic, video and sound quality were more important than ever. Trickbox set up and managed a live streaming service, supporting a heavy-use of GFX and PiPS, as doctors in Boston and Belfast used diagrams and stats to explain the effects of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system.

The stream was a success, and the satisfaction was resounding. Liam Laminman, Trickbox’s MD commented, ‘While a new service always brings a sense of achievement, we were particularly honoured to launch our first live event in such an important context. In whatever small way, we all want to have a part to play supporting our key workers’.

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