Tellyo updates Stream Studio to include frame-perfect switching in the cloud

Cloud-based video content creation Tellyo has updated its capabilities to include frame-perfect switching of a live multi-camera production in the cloud.

Stream Studio includes a new stream synchronisation engine that precisely synchronises inputs from multiple camera feeds, said the company.

The update also includes Tellyo Intercom, which enables full duplex communication between production teams and talent. The company said the latest version also opens up more granular and precise control of Stream Studio’s audio mixing capabilities by merging the advanced and simple audio mixers into a single unified solution.The new built-in stream synch engine synchronises incoming multiple camera streams that share a common timestamping scheme.

The engine supports SMPTE 12M SEI in-band timecode metadata (the ‘digital’ VITC/LTC) and ‘wallclock’ NTP/PTP timestamps.

Robert Szabo-Rowe is SVP, engineering and product management with The Switch, a long-standing Tellyo partner, said: “This update is critical and the technology lets us create professional, frame perfect, multi-camera sports productions.

“We’ve never been able to do that live in the cloud before. By removing the issue of video packets arriving with different and inconsistent delays, we can now give our audience a much higher quality and more engaging experience”.


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