PlayBox Announces Membership in GV Alliance

PlayBox Technology has joined the Grass Valley Alliance and announced that its OTT Stream CMS and AVOD solutions are now available on Grass Valley’s live production, management and distribution Agile Media Processing Platform (AMPP).
Image credit: PlayBox Technology

PlayBox’s OTT systems enable broadcasters and content owners to distribute their content to a wider audience, regardless of location or access to traditional broadcast infrastructure. With the PlayBox OTT Stream CMS, broadcasters and content owners can control how their content is distributed and monetized. OTT systems also provide rich analytics and insights into how audiences engage with content, allowing broadcasters and content owners to make data-driven decisions.

PlayBox’s AVOD solution streamlines the ad serving process for publishers, improving efficiency and revenue potential. The ad server offers advanced targeting and optimization features, allowing advertisers to serve the right ad to the right user at the right time. The AVOD solution provides real-time tracking, detailed analytics, and insights on campaign performance. Advertisers can target specific audiences based on age, gender, location, interests, and other criteria, reaching more people in a cost-effective way. Targeted campaigns reduce wasted impressions and improve the overall effectiveness of campaigns.

“By including the PlayBox OTT Stream CMS as part of the GV Alliance, we can offer our clients the best in cloud-based solutions for their OTT and Ad Server workflows,” said Phillip Neighbour, PlayBox Technology’s COO. “OTT systems provide broadcasters and content owners with numerous benefits, including wider reach, greater flexibility and control, personalized experiences, valuable insights, and cost savings. We are excited to offer our customers this opportunity to expand their operations and enhance their audiences’ viewing experiences.”

“As the Media and Entertainment industry transitions to more flexible, cost-effective workflows, we need well-integrated solutions across the production chain,” said Chris Merrill Director of Strategic Marketing for Grass Valley. “By bringing PlayBox into the GV Alliance, we’re removing the expense and work of integrating systems from different vendors. Grass Valley and PlayBox are doing all the system validation so that our joint customers can be confident of getting a pre-vetted system that works from day one.”

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