Italian ANIBA (National Association of Broadcast and Audiovisual Companies) is formed

ANIBA, the national association of broadcast and audiovisual companies, was officially established on March 18, 2021.

Present for the signature the President and the members of the executive board: Bruno Mercuri, President (third from left in the photo), Andrea Buonomo, Vice – president (second from left), Natalino Pintabona (fourth from left), Ivano Azzuni (first to left), Rosario Dello Spedale (first from right).

There are 13 founding members of ANIBA: Videe, Cinevideo, NVP, Erreciesse Group, L’Opera, VideoB, InvideoPro, Videosystem Production, ONE, Live Sat, MS Network, DBW Communication, Mediacam; companies that – together – cover almost 70% of the Italian television production market (sports, studio programs, news, major international events, concerts, reality shows, talents, talks).

This is the seal of a path born several months ago from the desire for unity and collaboration of the Italian broadcast and audiovisual companies which, with ANIBA, aim at the enhancement and fair representation of the entire sector, at its correct recognition and at a more fair remuneration of assets. The newly created trade association has, in fact, the purpose of representing and protecting the interests of companies in the sector and of looking after their relations with institutions and markets so that the value that they have within the Italian media entertainment industry chain is recognized. .

The ANIBA will promote a more aware self-regulation of the sector. This concretely means, for example, guaranteeing full technical compliance with the specifications through a certification of the means of production according to objectively defined quality standards, fair remuneration of the staff, the management correctness of the companies, etc.

The members of the Board of Directors are keen to specify that “maintaining the commercial autonomy of each company is one of the cornerstones of ANIBA. What we aim to create are the conditions for free competition on the market, made up of rules, transparency and ethics, to take place. It is within this renewed context that we believe it is necessary – and no longer postponed – to make every effort to ensure the right visibility and adequate recognition for the broadcast TV sector. It is not acceptable that although the amounts for the acquisition of sports and television rights are high and the broadcast TV sector is, in fact, strategic for the country, there is still a general low remuneration of the activities of the companies supplying technical services, so much so that – even – some are for this reason bankrupt or are in great difficulty. We detect a discrepancy between how much you pay for the rights and how much the work of the companies in the sector is recognized: we will strive for something to change ”.

The first assembly of the newly established ANIBA, which will be convened in the next few days, will officially decide on the appointment of the President and the Board of Directors and will mandate Rosario Dello Spedale to play the role of representative of the association.

Recognized through an open vote by the associates as a figure with proven experience and extensive knowledge of the world of TV production, he will be delegated to represent the requests of ANIBA at the tables of broadcasters, production companies, trade associations, institutions.

With regard to the new position, Dello Spedale declares “At this moment in which the Italian excellences have come together to face the global problem of the pandemic that is putting Italy in great economic difficulty and, in this case, that all cultural and of collective entertainment are suspended or postponed, it is a duty that even the excellences of Italian broadcasting join in an association, ANIBA, to reform an activity that, in recent years, has suffered from extreme situations in which the professionalism and competence of entrepreneurs have been debased and jeopardized by reckless actions by people who have nothing to do with those who for years have been carrying out their work with competence, professionalism and dedication.”

The ANIBA association will promote an all-round relaunch of the television sector in anticipation of a national restart, in the post-covid phase, in which the entrepreneurial capacity will be aimed at achieving the maximum appreciation of mutual satisfaction measured by the quality and cost-effectiveness of the product. made television. ”

Signature Notary President Mercuri, with satisfaction, underlines how joining ANIBA must be understood as “an added value, an unequivocally distinctive sign of the reliability and seriousness of the companies that belong to you and of those who choose to join it. We want to convey an image of value of the companies which, by joining together, will make a clear choice of field from an operational and management point of view. We hope that our customers and all our interlocutors appreciate and share our goals and will immediately be willing to deal with ANIBA for a general improvement of the environment in which we all work with passion “.

From now on, the founding members invite institutions, broadcasters and all operators in the sector to reflect and construct a dialogue with ANIBA because only in this way will it be possible to strive for a progressive strengthening of the conditions of efficiency, safety and competitiveness of the sector as a whole, protecting companies and, consequently, work.

This is also where the future and success of our country pass.

*Google translated from Italian

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