Haivision EMS Brings Improved Stream Monitoring and Control with the New 1.2 Update

Since its introduction, Haivision EMS (Element Management System) has been helping system administrators centrally manage all of their Makito encoders and decoders no matter where they are located.

Whether they are deployed at sports venues, broadcast studios or for ISR applications, Haivision EMS makes it easier to locate and manage Makito devices in real-time. The new 1.2 update for Haivision EMS adds features that are meant to improve workflow efficiency, simplify management, monitor device and stream status, and resolve operational issues.

Haivision EMS can discover any new Makito X, X4, and X1 device and pair it to the server, as well as give operators the benefit of tracking their status through a web browser-based graphical user interface (GUI), regardless of location. Once the Makitos are paired with Haivision EMS, system administrators can monitor devices in real-time, organize devices with custom labels, update firmware, apply licenses, and more. With this new update, Haivision EMS 1.2 adds more organizational and management tools to work in tandem with these existing features to create an end-to-end solution for monitoring remote devices and workflows.

To read the full list of updates please visit the Haivision website.

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