Edgeware’s StreamPilot goes into live production with TV 2 Sumo

Edgeware has announced that its cloud-based multi-CDN delivery control platform, StreamPilot, is going into live production with TV 2 Sumo, the leading streaming service run by Norwegian commercial public broadcaster. This follows a successful testing period with TV 2 Sumo, as well as trials with other customers.

With the ability to switch, modify and even terminate in-session delivery to optimize quality of experience (QoE), StreamPilot gives broadcasters and content providers control of their OTT TV delivery in multi-CDN environments. Its strategic location in the control plane, between the CDN and the client, makes StreamPilot completely agnostic to both CDN and client, allowing users to measure, manage and get visibility of the delivery in real time. The StreamPilot cloud service has successfully been tested by TV 2 Sumo, who will continue to evaluate other services on the StreamPilot platform to further enhance its TV delivery.

“As more TV suppliers and operators transition to deploy their technology in the cloud, the ability to quickly test and add new features and functionalities – and thus utilize data analytics and machine learning algorithms – allows them to better manage and improve their services,” said Kalle Henriksson, founder, and product manager for StreamPilot, at Edgeware. “Edgeware has rich experience in building mission-critical delivery mechanisms for streaming and network control and working with TV 2 Sumo has brought that to the fore. We’re proud to be selected by one of the leading European OTT providers and take this experience into mission-critical cloud environments. It’s been a privilege to work with such an experienced and technically-savvy team as we have with our friends at TV 2 Sumo.”

StreamPilot’s recently-announced AutoPilot feature provides an automated QoE optimization functionality and a unified presentation of multi-CDN session data. StreamPilot is offered as a SaaS solution.

StreamPilot can be experienced virtually by booking a virtual demo here.


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