Delta passengers to get connectivity boost with Viasat

With enhancing passenger experiences the key to future profitability in the currently beleaguered airline industry, leading US airline Delta is to add technology from Viasat to select parts of its fleet to help modernise how passengers stay connected and enjoy content, including streaming video, during travel.

Viasat’s next-generation Ka-band satellite in-flight connectivity (IFC) technology is designed to give Delta passengers what they companies call a true full, fast and free in-flight internet experience, personalised on customer seatback screens and to any internet-ready device, gate-to-gate. Delta will be upgrading its current IFC system to provide all customers capabilities including faster, more consistent connections and an ability to stream all types of entertainment and popular over-the-top content.

The new system will be compatible with Viasat’s complete fleet of satellites, including first-generation spacecraft and partner satellites; second-generation spacecraft ViaSat-2; and the forthcoming ViaSat-3 class of satellites, which are expected to offer global coverage with what is claimed to be nearly eight times more capacity than Viasat’s current fleet. This would mean more enhanced connectivity and streaming services to keep up with expected increases in demand.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to delight our customers and offer an unparalleled onboard experience,” said Delta chief customer experience officer Bill Lentsch, explaining the partnership.  “In working with Viasat”We gain the tools needed to deepen customer interactions and bring us closer to delivering more personalised in-flight content as well as an ability to consistently provide free, fast, streaming Wi-Fi in the future.”

“Delta is committed to optimise the customer journey, and we’re committed to helping them build a foundation toward a better in-flight internet and entertainment experience,” added Rick Baldridge, president and CEO, Viasat. “We have a proven in-flight connectivity solution that is high-quality, streaming-capable and can scale to meet Delta’s growing customer demand.”

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