Dalet Enables Business Transformation of Italian Premier Football League

Dalet and Italian partners EI Towers and CVE announced that the Lega Serie A Lissone-based production centre is using Dalet solutions to manage high-value sports content and production workflows.
Image credit: Dalet

The top-flight Italian football league consolidated its content production, management and distribution onto a centralized media infrastructure.

The fundamental change to Lega Serie A’s media production was a significant technical uplift that leverages Dalet’s solutions for workflow automation and content management, increasing production value for 400-plus games and delivering in progressive UHD and 1080p formats over a full IP infrastructure.

The enterprise implementation is entirely subscription-based to maximize flexibility and control costs.

“We took on an enormous challenge in building a new production infrastructure in such a short time – not just the workflows, but also a completely new facility in Lissone able to produce highlights, log match metadata and archive the assets. We needed reliable partners that would deliver and Dalet, together with CVE, did just that for the production part of this project. The solution has now been operating successfully for the whole of the season,” comments Piercarlo Invernizzi, CTO, EI Towers.

Dalet’s proven enterprise media workflow solution, Dalet Galaxy five, serves as the control layer for handling incoming transmissions from stadiums and managing that content across the production centre’s fast production storage, nearline storage and archives.

The underlying Dalet media asset management platform and workflow engine tracks metadata and orchestrates key workflows including game content captured across 100 channels of Dalet Brio IP ingest as well as distribution of digital content packages to main broadcasters, media partners, telecommunication companies and teams using WEBPortals and direct contribution to the stadium during the live events via Dalet Brio IP output.

Integrated Dalet production tools provide the frictionless editing and highlight production required in sports with remote collaboration from stadium to production centre made possible thanks to a secure, hybrid configuration.

“Dalet’s adaptive technology and agile platforms enable enterprise-level digital transformation and achieve economies of scale. Lega Serie A now has full control over its assets from the local level to international with tools that amplify content across marketing channels and real opportunities to create new lines of business at the club level thanks to better sharing, repurposing, and repackaging. They have more opportunities to expand and do so with a much greater degree of efficiency on a platform that is primed for the future.” commented Massimo Berardi, General Manager – Italy, Dalet.

A first-of-its-kind installation, the Lega Serie A production centre encompasses 2,400 square meters of state-of-the-art media technology that features editing stations, post-production rooms, master control room, content control room, and a room dedicated to infographics.

Dalet Professional Services collaborated with EI Towers and CVE to deliver more than 100 ingest channels, 12 playout channels, online production, nearline and archive storage, as well as editing and highlight production applications, along with Dalet MAM workflow design and training for the centre’s technicians and operators in a month.

Massimo concludes, “The breadth and depth of the requirements and tight turnaround is a testament to the durability of Dalet technology and the deep technical expertise of the team to take on a project of this size and deliver on time to support it well into the future.”

For more information about how Dalet solutions can help sports teams, leagues and federations with their video strategy, please visit https://www.dalet.com/solutions/sports-teams-leagues-federations.

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