Cellnex tests 5G Broadcast emissions at ISE and MWC

Cellnex Telecom has launched a pilot to test “5G Broadcast” emissions together with Rohde Schwarz, Ateme and Qualcomm Technologies. 5G Broadcast will allow viewers to receive live TV and radio content on their mobile phones with low battery consumption, without the need to consume data and high-quality network coverage.
Image credit: Cellnex

The tests, which began in mid-January, were performed during the ISE international audiovisual fair and will end after the MWC Barcelona 2023 to be held at Fira Gran Via de l’Hospitalet from 27 February until 2 March. In this way, users can access the contents through their mobile devices compatible with the 5G Broadcast signal.

Thanks to the collaboration of RTVE, the contents that will be accessible include the Radio Televisión Española news channel “Canal 24h”, the main RTVE channel “La1” and the regional radio channel of Radio Nacional de España called “Radius 5”.

For this test, Cellnex has rolled out a new site to cover the area around the Fira Gran Via venue; the transmitter was contributed by Rohde Schwarz ; content encoding uses Ateme equipment; and the receivers used for the demonstration incorporate Qualcomm technology.

5G Broadcast will allow broadcasters to reach more devices, offering their content directly to any mobile terminal – today a mobile phone, and tomorrow vehicles and any device incorporating this technology.

5G Broadcast (5GBC) is one of the three lines of innovation for the European audiovisual industry in its roadmap for the next decade. The evolution towards higher quality with UHD broadcasts and the expansion of hybrid services such as LOVEStv complement the innovation in new reception modes such as 5GBC.

Furthermore, 5GBC complements current networks and strengthens public service provision, opening the door to developing additional services, such as early warning for all or parts of the population in emergency situations.

“As the leader in DTT broadcasting in Spain, Cellnex is at the forefront of the European innovation roadmap in radio broadcasting,” in the words of Eduardo Fichmann, Global Director of Innovation and Product Strategy at Cellnex. And he adds, “5G technology continues to improve day after day. With this test to evaluate 5G Broadcast abroad, we can show that the technology is up to the new needs of the audience.”

“5G Broadcast technology has the potential to transform the way content services are delivered, without compromising existing mobile services,” says Mohamed Aziz Taga, Head of Business Development & Strategy for 5G Media Services & Customer Experience, Rohde & Schwarz. “We are proud to be part of this 5G Broadcast test, with our TMU9evo transmitter, which is broadcasting the new signal from the Montjuic communications tower, in the heart of Barcelona. This is part of a series of international 5G Broadcast tests and demos we have conducted, and shows once again how this new format takes the live consumer experience to another level.”

“5G will enable broadcasters to transform their business and meet the needs of highly connected young generations. Ateme is delighted to be part of this transformative journey with Cellnex, driving the delivery of highly engaging and immersive experiences to viewers on any connected device,” comments Williams Tovar, Director of 5G Media Streaming Solutions at Ateme.

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