Broadpeak launches SaaS-based streaming platform

Broadpeak is getting into the software-as-a-service market with the launch of a new streaming platform,

The platform is aimed at TV operators and OTT providers who want to offer better streaming quality to their viewers.

According to the company, offers an alternative to bulk streaming methods in the form of an API platform that it plans to evolve to host several applications related to advanced video streaming.

The first application available on will support contextualised streaming needs, with a blackout service.

“ takes the trusted framework that Broadpeak is already known for and makes it available as a service in the cloud, resulting in unparalleled simplicity and scalability for our customers,” said Mathias Guille, vice president of cloud platform at Broadpeak.

“It’s built to grow as our customers grow and will develop increased functionalities in the months and years to come, keeping pace with the ever-evolving nature of video delivery systems.”

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