Blackbird joins IBC panel with Tata Communications to discuss the march towards virtualized services

Blackbird, the developer and seller of the market-leading cloud video editing platform, will join the IBC panel with Tata Communications to discuss the march towards virtualized services in the media and entertainment industry.

Virtualization of services has gone from media industry buzzword to being the norm in a post-pandemic, socially distanced world. For all its efficiency benefits, a distributed workforce has precipitated the implementation of virtualized services in the media production and broadcast value chain.

The media and entertainment industry necessitates workflows with high-throughput, high-bandwidth and ultra-live requirements. As production studios remained out of bounds for the better part of 2020, the production and broadcast value chain found new methods to migrate operations to the cloud for remote access to applications.

During the IBC panel at 2pm GMT on Thursday, 19th November, senior executives from Blackbird, Tata Communications and Simplylive will discuss the push towards virtualization. The panellists will share their experiences around:

  • Virtualized media production value chains – how powerful applications moved to the cloud
  • Key benefits of virtualization: capex savings, compatibility and upgrades, easy configuration, remote accessibility
  • Cloud-based video editing: deploying a feature-packed, frame-accurate web-based editor to overcome low-bandwidth access issues at home
  • Virtualized live production: deploying a fully configurable virtual vision mixer as a service at live events
  • Designing a media cloud infrastructure on the edge
  • Low-latency connectivity that provides a seamless experience
  • Challenges to overcome before virtualization becomes industry standard

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