Beach Soccer Utilizes Cloud Production Workflows for World’s Largest Tournament, and WSC Sports announced that they are working with Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) to provide AI powered, cloud-based, content production solutions to drive fan engagement for the world’s largest beach soccer tournament – and beyond.

Aimed at improving keeping fans engaged and informed on all the latest action from the beach, the solution will be in use for Beach Soccer’s biggest event of the year.

By leveraging’s cloud-based video mixer, BSWW will be able to retrieve and mix live feeds, multicasting the live competition to multiple destinations, with minimum latency and no compromise on quality. In addition,’s integration with allows for the easy addition of dynamic live overlays directly onto the video, including all the live match graphics and sponsor logos. At the same time, WSC Sports’ AI-powered platform will deliver a greater number of beach soccer highlights to more fans than ever before.

This innovative combination of three cloud-based production platforms ensures that BSWW can deliver a consistent brand experience, at scale, securely, while being able to effectively monetise sponsorship activity. This solution will help BSWW reduce the environmental impact of producing beach soccer tournaments. Relying on traditional broadcasting methods would have required a considerable amount of shipping and a great deal more power.

“By leveraging our platform, BSWW can effortlessly switch live inputs, VODs, graphics and overlays, without worrying about latency or quality,” says Phillipe Laurent, CEO and Co-founder, “The ability to mix everything in the cloud in real-time makes delivering broadcast-grade live feeds very easy, quicker and much more sustainable.”

“BSWW are proving that cloud native platforms can be used for live productions both on small and large scale events, with no compromise on quality for the viewer and, better still, a massive benefit in reducing the environmental impact of any live production,” says Andrew Heimbold, CEO, “This is not a virtualized remote production in which the same old hardware is just hidden out of sight. These are cloud native, next generation, platforms, partnering and collaborating to prove, once again, that this can be achieved by anyone.”

“We are delighted that BSWW have seen such a positive impact across their owned and operated channels using highlights created with WSC Sports technology,” says Ben Mirvis, Business Development, WSC Sports. “BSWW is a great partner, and we cannot wait to continue to support them during this summer’s competitions to deliver exceptional highlights for the fans”.


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