AzamTV adopt Quicklink Mobile Encoder for live news gathering

AzamTV, a direct-to-home television subscription service based in Tanzania, have adopted the Quicklink Mobile Encoder for live news gathering. AzamTV offers subscribers a wide range of excellent entertainment within sports, movies, documentaries, kids, lifestyle, music, news and radio.

For live news gathering, AzamTV equip their Quicklink Mobile Encoder’s with LTE SIM cards for uplink from the field. The feeds are then received by the Quicklink Standard Playout Server at the studio for output.

AzamTV praised the simplicity and handling of the Quicklink Mobile Encoder and explained that the solution was very easily adopted by their camera and production crews.

“Our aim is to use the Mobile Encoder as much as possible for our live news gathering. In fact, our news reporters never leave the office without it!” said Ahmed H. Abdallah, Deputy Manager Information Technology at Azam Media Ltd.

Designed for performance and portability, the Quicklink Mobile Encoder transmits broadcast quality, low latency live video over IP from the most challenging network locations. The Mobile Encoder has the ability to bond multiple internet connections in order to improve the speed and reliability of the internet connection, meaning excellent results can be achieved from a variety of networks. The encoder can simultaneously bond up to 10 connections including Wi-Fi, cellular and LAN to create the most consistent and reliable connection possible.

AzamTV now plan to use the Mobile Encoder to cover sporting events such as football matches or marathons for the Azam Sports channel. For this type of coverage, AzamTV plan to use a fixed ethernet connection directly from the local ISP.

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