ATOMOS Cloud Studio Is Now Live

ATOMOS Cloud Studio is live and the first three, highly anticipated products in the new CONNECT range are now shipping worldwide.

Atomos Cloud Studio, which is a complete set of cloud-based services for livestreaming and remote collaboration, is finally available. It integrates with the new Atomos CONNECT module for NINJA V/V+, ZATO CONNECT, and SHOGUN CONNECT devices, which are now shipping to customers worldwide.

What is ATOMOS Cloud Studio?

ATOMOS Cloud Studio is a powerful collection of new cloud-based video production services. Launching with ATOMOS Stream and shortly after ATOMOS Capture to Cloud, which will introduce C2C workflows.

With support for SHOGUN CONNECT, ATOMOS CONNECT for NINJA V/V+, and ZATO CONNECT, anyone with a compatible camera or device will be able to make use of these tools to share media and collaborate in real-time.


An all-in-one solution that enables any ATOMOS network-enabled device to deliver a live stream.

Whether customers use the new ZATO CONNECT, ATOMOS CONNECT, or SHOGUN CONNECT, connecting the device to the destination platform and configuring a stream has never been easier. At launch ATOMOS Stream will include free support to deliver content directly to a single platform including Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and more.

Later this year, ATOMOS aims to release a premium “restreaming” service, via ATOMOS Cloud Studio to support the delivery to multiple platforms simultaneously. ATOMOS Stream employs industry standard encryption to ensure that all data is transfers are protected and streams are secure.

The integrated system supports an unprecedented range of cameras that sets a new benchmark for flexibility and reduces barriers to entry. Customers can choose to work with high-end digital cinema cameras, mirrorless or DLSR cameras, or iOS devices. With ATOMOS Stream customers can be confident in the quality and consistency of their live stream. Camera to Cloud (Coming Soon)

Since its launch in early 2021, C2C has been used by over one thousand productions to instantly get footage from the set to post-production teams. Files are transmitted to using a standard internet connection.

Editorial teams using NLE integrations will see new clips populate into their bins throughout the day. Customers no longer have to wait for long file transfers or hard drives to ship. With SDI or HDMI video captured by ATOMOS CONNECT and SHOGUN CONNECT, many, many more cameras are now compatible C2C and are able to support cloud workflows.

Once an ATOMOS CONNECT or SHOGUN CONNECT is paired with a Project (via ATOMOS Cloud Studio), customers can engage seamlessly with the complete, end-to-end C2C experience.

Every recording is immediately available to view in, or for download into integrated video applications, including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Combining ATOMOS connected devices with allows every production to accelerate their remote, distributed workflow no matter the budget, crew, or camera type. With ATOMOS anyone is able to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

ATOMOS Live Production (Coming September 2022)

Later this year ATOMOS will release Live Production, a complete, cloud-based control room for live video and remote collaboration.

With Live Production video creatives will be able to produce a live show, of the highest quality, at a fraction of the cost. The toolset includes a fully featured video switcher and sound mixer, with video effects, graphics, and talkback.

Production for live events and multi-camera shoots has never been this accessible or this easy.

Live Production can work with any camera, from professional broadcast models, through DSLR and mirrorless, to the Apple iPhone and the system is able to provide timecode sync to all sources in the cloud and on every connected device.

Using the new ZATO CONNECT, ATOMOS CONNECT, or SHOGUN CONNECT devices, camera feeds are streamed to the Live Production system. Utilizing an ultra-low-latency protocol, each stream can be controlled in real-time from a browser, iPad app, or any compatible control panel from anywhere in the world. Once logged into the system crew members can view, direct, produce, mix, and more from any location. The integrated live talkback technology keeps team members connected and allows for an iPhone to be hooked up to ensure team members can communicate directly and easily. Delivery destinations include a dedicated Apple TV app or iOS devices, to make sure everyone can view the production as it goes live.

NDI®|HX Support

ATOMOS has developed a full implementation of the amazingly efficient NDI®|HX standard for ATOMOS CONNECT and SHOGUN CONNECT. NDI technology has been developed to make communication between devices on local network (LAN) easy to setup, provide refined encoding, and deliver frame accurate video. Initial support will be for NDI|HX encode (to act as an NDI source or transmission device) and with a software update later this year ATOMOS will introduce NDI|HX decode (to receive the NDI source signal for viewing and recording). This will enable customers to share the picture between multiple devices locally and select a specific device (or devices) to record the NDI encoded file.

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