AJA Video Ships 12G-SDI AES Audio Embedder-Disembedder

AJA Video Systems has begun shipping its new 12G-AM, a 12G-SDI eight-channel AES audio embedder/disembedder converter.

A range of models is available, including optional LC Fiber and ST Fiber versions for transmitting and receiving 12G-SDI signals over distances up to 6.2 miles via a single optical cable.

“To further simplify production and streamline workflows with single-cable transport solutions, we’re bolstering our product lineup of 12G-SDI mini-converters with the new 12G-AM and LC Fiber and ST Fiber models, featuring rugged reliability and conversion power within a portable and compact device,” said AJA Video Systems President Nick Rashby.

The new product supports 12G-SDI BNC input and output up to 4K UHD, simultaneous audio embed and disembed functions and eight-channel balanced XLR input and output via a supplied breakout cable. The 12G-AM is also available in five 12G-SDI Fiber model variations, including 12G-SDI Fiber transmitter, receiver and transceiver models and ST Fiber transmitters and receivers, the company said.

With the new AJA Mini-Config v2.26.0 free software update, available from the company’s website, simple control and configuration is available via a USB connection. All models ship with a universal power supply, it said.

The company has announced MSRP pricing for the 12G-AM and all Fiber models, which includes:

  • 12G-AM: $995
  • 12G-AM-R: $1,295
  • 12G-AM-R-ST: $1,395
  • 12G-AM-T: $1,295
  • 12G-AM-T-ST: $1,395
  • 12G-AM-TR: $1,395

More information is available on the company’s website.


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