Network Guide

The Videstream Network has been designed as a place to share knowledge and information around live broadcasting & streaming technology.

Setting up your Profile

To be able to post within the Network, you first have to register, this can be done here

Your ‘display’ name will be a combination of your first and last name (last name is optional). If posting on behalf of a company, please write the title of company in the ‘First Name’ box and leave your surname blank.

Users also have the option of posting anonymously, this can be done within the Network page, tick ‘post as anonymous’ when writing a post or comment.

There is also the option of setting a profile photo or avatar. This can be done via your profile settings.

What to Post

The Videstream Network has been designed as a place to connect over the latest streaming and broadcasting technology, as well as wider live production topics.

Ask questions, share knowledge on best practices and new kit, post photos of recent projects and work, or link to useful industry articles. We hope to build a worldwide peer-to-peer community which is beneficial to each and every user.

Connecting with other Members

Just like other similar social networks, you have the option of ‘Connecting’, ‘Following’ and ‘Messaging’ other Members.

What is ‘Connecting’?

Once you connect with another Member (they have to approve the connection), you will be able to private message them in a 1-2-1 chat. This is useful for building your connections throughout the Broadcast industry.

What is ‘Following’?

If you choose to ‘Follower’ a user, their updates will now appear in your Timeline. This is useful for personalising your feed and allows you to see updates that only you care about.

What is ‘Messaging’?

Once you are connected with another Member (they have to approve the connection request), you will be able to private message them.

Anonymous Posting

If you would like to post anonymously, for example may not wish to disclose certain information publicly, you can do so by clicking ‘Post As: Anonymous’, when writing a post or comment.

This will now create a post which doesn’t reveal your name or information.

Please note – you will still see your anonymous post on your Profile Timeline, but only you will be able to see this, thus not allowing others users to identify you. If you have any questions on anonymous posting, please email

Network Rules

  • All posts must be written in English.
  • No selling of equipment or posting of classifieds (please email if you would like to sell via the Network)
  • The Network has been designed as a platform to share knowledge and information, please do not blatantly self-promote or advertise your services. Posts may be removed without warning and membership revoked. 
  • Never disclose confidential information, which you feel may damage or harm a business, including personal information.
  • Harmful, racist, derogatory comments or posts will not be tolerated. Membership will be revoked.
  • Videstream is not responsible for the information posted by members. You (the poster) hold all responsibility for the information you post, whether publicly or anonymously.   
  • By logging in and/or posting on the Network you are agreeing to the above terms & conditions.