Kyodo Television



Kyodo Television is the most trusted and comprehensive video production company in Japan. We can produce all manner of media programming such as drama and variety, documentary TV programs, movies, and web and mobile content.

We also plan and produce a variety of corporate promotional videos, including commercials. In addition, we facilitate media-related events in a wide range of fields. At Kyodo Television, there is no video production we cannot handle.

Employing satellite technology, Kyodo Television can handle a variety of broadcasting needs. News & Information and Variety programs are a couple examples of the type of programs Kyodo broadcasts via small-scale satellites. However, we also handle recorded and live broadcasts such as sporting events, theatrical performances, and musical concerts. In addition, we offer super-slow motion image technology, which is ideal for watching live action entertainment. Moreover, we can broadcast from places that are inaccessible by an OB Van by using portable satellite broadcasting technology.