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The Media Engineer provides media engineering, workflow orchestration, and metadata expertise for all media and post-production workflows. This position is responsible for the daily functions of workflow orchestration, media engineering projects, and operations support. This includes designing and implementing new workflows, setting up new systems and software tools, and supporting and training the operations team.  This role is an operational support function which requires providing onsite technical support to various internal stakeholders.  As such this role is not eligible for remote work.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Onboard media and metadata workflows for new clients and platforms.
    • Provide technical expertise for the Client Services Team and their customers to help guide the onboarding process. Ensure only well-formed specifications and efficient workflows are onboarded.
    • Establish and maintain transcoding profiles for distribution platforms including internal departments, web, mobile, broadcast, and VOD.
    • Participate in the design of new media and metadata workflows including media presets, metadata ingest mapping, and XSLT export.
    • Create technical documentation for workflows, processes, exception procedures, and the proper use of equipment and software.
    • Perform operations rollout and training for new workflows.
  • Address issues that arise in daily production.
    • Resolve assigned help desk tickets.
    • Maintain a clear record in the Help Desk system of all reported issues and resolutions.
    • Estimate issue resolution times independently or with the other engineers to adequately communicate and manage the expectations of all internal and/or external clients.
    • Troubleshoot independently or with the Global Media Engineering Director to determine when 3rd party application support or internal IT assistance is needed.
    • Participate in investigating client rejections, providing the business with root causes and take corrective action to mitigate further issues.
  • Support the Director of Global Media Engineering in the design, documentation, training, implementation, and maintenance of new software or hardware tools rolled out to fulfill operations requests and/or business needs.
    • Conduct proof of concept or user acceptance testing of SDI proprietary and 3rd party tools.
    • Maintain media and metadata system configurations and administrative settings.
    • Conduct system maintenance and/or troubleshooting.


Knowledge & Skills:

  • Knowledge of video & audio technology and concepts (e.g., codecs, wrappers, VBI, closed captioning, frame rates, aspect ratios, bit rates, color space, GOP structures, standards conversion, and metadata)
  • Knowledge of the general principles of A/V processing tools, metadata handling and creation tools, and the post-production environment
  • Experience in evaluating and identifying defects or anomalies in audio, video, and metadata
  • Familiarity with IT networking concepts and terminology
  • Knowledge of network/system administration, including but not limited to: Linux/Unix, Mac OS, Windows 10, Office 365, MS Server 2012-2020
  • Hands-on experience with scripting languages like Ruby and Python
  • Ability to act as a subject matter expert when a production tool is developed by the in-house application development team
  • Ability to work onsite to fulfill daily operational support needs
  • Ability to work additional hours as necessitated by the workload
  • Ability to be on call to provide after-hours or weekend support for operations when needed
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


  • Minimum of 2 years’ work experience in the video/audio engineering field
  • 2 years’ experience with media engineering, processing, or orchestration.  Preferably using tools such as Telestream Vantage and Aspera Orchestrator.
  • 2 years’ experience with post-production software and hardware, including but not limited to: NLE suites (such as Adobe Premiere), tape decks, vector scopes, captioning, text inserters, signal flow, and patch bays
  • Experience with file transport technologies such as Aspera and Signiant
  • Advanced degree or comparable work experience preferred

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To apply for this job please visit

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