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MediaMonks is looking for a Livestream Technical Director to run the technical portions of our live shows and support our (remote) workflow. A production and post-production generalist at heart, this person will assist the solutions and experiential teams with technical guidance and hands-on leadership of all broadcast and live-streamed events. Additionally, this individual will work to bridge the gap between production, post, and IT, implementing best practices for secure-data capture. Supervised by the Solutions Director, this role will serve as the technical eyes and ears for the solutions team.

For this remote position, Eastern and Central time zones, and flexible working hours are preferred.

About the Role:

  • Broadcast Engineering leadership and active production engagement
    • Onset (virtual and physical) broadcast production engineering
    • Signal flow creation and documentation
    • Serve the production role of EIC or Broadcast TD
  • Broadcast Equipment stewardship
    • Global Inventory and tracking of all broadcast equipment
    • Advise the solutions director with ROI modeling for equipment based on rental records
  • IT
    • Assist the solutions and IT Tech team with the implementation of protocols, support, optimization, security, and administration
  • Education and Documentation
    • Document all aspects of your work with the intention of onboarding Technical Directors
    • Create curriculum and materials to education Technical Directors
    • Mentor Technical Directors in live broadcast
  • Digital Imaging Tech
    • Help bridge the gap between production and post
    • Occasionally function as the DIT for shoots
    • Advise on imaging best practices
  • Workflow and Pipeline development
    • Remote workflow creation, documentation and support

At MediaMonks, you’ll join a successful and super-fast-moving company creative people would kill to work for. You’ll have the chance to bring forth award-winning work as part of a truly global company working as one office across teams and time zones with 2,500 Monks and counting. If you’re looking to do great work with great people who know how to party extremely well, apply to join in the fun.

Please be attentive to the requirements and wishlist for this role and accompany your application with a short cover letter detailing why you’re the right Monk for the job.


  • Personality:
    • You have a consistent DIR (Doing It Right) approach to life and production.
    • You ask people when they say “4K, 30” if they mean “UHD, 29.97,” but you’re patient when people think the wifi is the internet.
    • If it’s broken you know how to fix it, and you have the right torx driver with you in your bag.
    • You believe in the reporting structure of broadcast production, you can lead an engineering and camera team; but know and respect that liability and the call lies with the producers.
    • You can be client-facing.
  • Expertise in: FFMPEG, Adobe Creative Cloud, VMIX, Livestreamstudio, Blackmagic/AJA Suite of Products, lensing, SMPTE protocols, checksum protocols, RAID and NAS configurations, diverse encoder set.
  • 5-10 years of experience working in broadcast and production environments
  • Min. 100 hours behind the switcher in a live environment
  • Experience in: Python, DOS, Grassvalley, Sony, Panasonic, EVS and replay tech
  • Bonus: Unity, Unreal and engine based skills

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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