Pulse Media

Boston, Massachusetts
+1 617-923-4646


Pulse Media can supply great DPs, full camera crews, live multi-camera production, or any other production support services.

We offer great camera packages, using the 4K Sony F55, complete with the Canon 17-120 Cine-Zoom and a great set of Zeiss Super Speed primes, the New Sony PXW-Z450 full size 4K ENG camera, the PDW-F800 XDcam, the Sony PXW-X500, and the Sony Fs7m2.

Our crews can be equipped with our own slider, mini-jib, heavy duty stabilization gimbal, or 4KDrone.

And we have a current Carnet, so we’re always ready to travel internationally.

For live production, we also have an all digital live shot studio with tape playout capability, featuring full HD-SDI signal path and monitoring, and two LiveU-600 backpacks for remote broadcasting and webcasts. Both units have the HEVC H264 option for better quality at lower bandwidth.

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