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Are you looking for your live streaming service provider?

Live streaming offers companies the opportunity to publish a stream free of charge on the Internet – for example on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube . The latter also makes sense for smaller channels with fewer than 1,000 subscribers, because: After Google, YouTube is the world’s second most important search engine, so that you can reach a large audience and acquire new customers.

As a live streaming service provider, we offer you the following service:

  • Experience as a live streaming provider with our partner network (soccer and handball Budesliga, trade fairs and events)
  • Advice and planning from an expert for live streaming
  • Personal project support from an experienced producer
  • Live streaming operator with full picture and sound equipment
  • Camera teams with broadcast equipment (personnel and own equipment)
  • 4K raw workflow, e.g. for the production of an image film (as an option)
  • Small own studio, eg for the recording of presentations
  • Network of professional speakers and other staff
  • Cutter with workstation for daily video editing on-location