Big Shoulders Digital Productions

Chicago, Illinois
+1 312-907-3057


Big Shoulders Productions has 24 years of experience in television, audio & editing and webcasting. We have a staff of 16 experienced professionals.

We work with dozens of Fortune 100 companies, hundreds of producers and production companies from around the world when they need assistance in Chicago.

We want to be your media partner in Chicago. We can provide fully produced videos or multi-camera switch production.

We also do live webcasting from any location…we own all the gear needed and our staff of experienced professionals are ready for your next assignment.

We have a warehouse of gear for events too, including lighting, audio, staging, projection, FogScreens and video capture.

We just moved to the corner of Michigan Ave. & Ontario St. and we built a new large soundproof studio as well as 2 smaller studios.

We possess the experience, gear and crews needed to accomplish the best results. We own 4 LiveU units, a LiveU reciever, an LTN box and we can connect you to satellites or TV stations via our Switch Fiber.

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