Anthony Kamminga

Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 654 306 207


My career in the TV business started in 1985 as a sound-engineer.

Since then I became a cameraman, video-editor and SNG operator. My field of work has always been in the news and current affairs programs. Of all the things I have done, I’ve decided that the cameraman is the best job for me, so that’s what I like to do best.


  • Sony PDW-680 – XD-Cam disc camcorder HD/SD – PAL/NTSC
  • Sony EX1 XD-Cam SxS (SD-card) camcorder HD/SD – PAL/NTSC
  • Double set wireless microphones
  • LED light
  • Tungsten Light set
  • HMI Light
  • Pool / Clean Feed recording on solid state disc
  • Transmissions over cellular network with the WMT system from Mobile Viewpoint
  • Editing with FTP or SNG transmission