LiveU Solo pack sitting on a table
What is a LiveU Solo? And why you need one
Before we jump into the benefits of a LiveU Solo, let’s take a step back and look at what the LiveU Solo actually is – a video encoder. But what is a video encoder? And why does it matter…
Woman wearing a headset sitting at a table with a laptop and a microphone
Best Remote Commentary Solutions for Broadcast
Remote commentary solutions are a relatively new concept, having gained popularity in recent years due to the Covid-19 outbreak. In this article we summarize the top options available on the market today. For a full list visit our directory…
Comparison of two live switching platforms
Best Cloud Video Production Platforms For Broadcast
The cloud video production market has exploded in recent years, with many new players entering the market, we explore the best options available today. For a full list visit our directory page. Table of Contents What is cloud video…
Man sitting at desk using a Blackmagic Design switcher and laptop for live production
The 7 Best Video Switchers for Live Streaming in 2023 (Including Software & Hardware Options)
Live streaming gives brands the power to connect with the masses. Studies have shown that more people actively engage with live video than most other content formats. Image credit: Blackmagic Design In fact, total viewership for the biggest three…
Happy woman sitting on sofa live streaming to camera
The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming Production
Seemingly overnight, live streaming has exploded into the mainstream. In fact, consumers now spend more than 92 minutes per day consuming digital video, according to eMarketer. With surging demand for live video, your success in live streaming starts with…
Woman standing in a virtual studio
Best Free and Paid Options for vMix Virtual Sets
We explore the best vMix virtual sets on the market today, their pros and cons and how to build your own. What are vMix virtual sets vMix virtual sets allow you to overlay different elements on top of an…
vmix call vs zoom
vMix Call vs Zoom [2021 guide]
If you’re looking for a more professional version of Zoom for broadcasting or live streaming purposes, vMix Call may be the answer. What is vMix Call? vMix Call is a feature designed to work directly and specifically with vMix…
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